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New Nova Scotia Medical Act

The new provincial Medical Act came into effect January 1. With the proclamation of this legislation there have been a number of changes in licence categories.The names of certain categories of licence have also changed. Changes to the type of licence physicians hold do not change their scope of practice.

There are now three registers maintained at the College:

1. Full Medical Register: Only physicians with a full licence, entirely free of restrictions or conditions, are maintained on the Full Medical Register. The only exception is when physicians have a voluntarily restricted their scope of practice.

2. Conditional Register: The Conditional Register holds all physicians with any condition or restrictions on their licence.

3. Educational Register: The Educational Register applies to physicians in training such as residents and fellows. As well, we maintain a list of medical students.

The changes within the new Act bring the province in line with emerging pan-Canadian standards and nomenclature for licensure. It is hoped that these changes will facilitate physician mobility within the country.

The new Medical Act also mandates that all licensed physicians:

1. have medical liability insurance, such as that provided by CMPA; and

2. participate in a program of continuing medical education through the CFPC’s MAINPRO or the Royal College’s MOC