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Medical Aid in Dying: Update

Legislation regarding medical assistance in dying was tabled in the House of Commons on April 14th. Bill C-14 lays out specific criteria for Canadians who wish to end their lives with the help of a medical professional.

In anticipation of this legislation, regulatory Colleges across the country had drafted professional standards, to provide guidance to both the profession and the public on the delivery of this service in their respective jurisdictions.

The College led a working group comprised of stakeholders from government and the health and legal professions. Working over several months this group developed a Draft Standard of Practice: Physician-Assisted Death. The College in collaboration with Doctors Nova Scotia, made available the draft document for broad online consultation. A full report of this consultation along with an executive summary is available.

The College’s working group will reconvene in order to align its professional standard with federal legislation and to provide direction on some matters not addressed in the proposed law.