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College issues consensual reprimand to Dr. Wayne Gorman of Yarmouth

On February 20, 2006 Dr. Wayne Gorman consented to a reprimand issued by Investigation Committee “A” of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.

Investigation Committee “A” determined that a reprimand was warranted due to the following:

1. In 2000, Dr. Gorman obtained a prescription for a narcotic for self use, claiming that another physician would be writing the prescription for it; and

2. Between 1998 and 2000 Dr. Gorman wrote numerous prescriptions for narcotics for self use.

Investigation Committee “A” noted that in the course of resolving the complaint against him, Dr. Gorman followed a rehabilitation program directed toward recovery. In September 2001, Dr. Gorman voluntarily withdrew from the practice of medicine. Dr. Gorman was monitored for substance abuse, and was found not to have relapsed. On April 30, 2002 , Investigation Committee “A” agreed that Dr. Gorman could return to the practice of medicine as an operating room assistant. Investigation Committee “A” requires the approval of the Credentials Committee of the College prior to any change in the scope of Dr. Gorman’s current practice as operating room assistant.

In addition to the consent reprimand, Dr. Gorman has agreed to relinquish his prescribing privileges for all narcotics and controlled substances.

The Committee’s decision constitutes a finding of professional misconduct/professional incompetence that will be entered on Dr. Gorman’s formal discipline record.

A copy of Dr. Gorman’s reprimand is available HERE.