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Physician-Patient Relationship

Patient Consent to Treatment

Professional Standard and Guidelines Regarding Informed Patient Consent to Treatment Professional Standard Fundamental requirements for valid consent include: It must be voluntary; It must be given by a patient who has capacity; It must be specific as to the treatment; and It must be informed. Physicians must ensure that consent is obtained from patients before performing an examination or treatment, except where specifically permitted by law.1 The College recognizes that further aspects of consent are dynamic and subject to change. It is the responsibility of physicians to keep current with the state of the law on consent. [...]

Sexual Misconduct in the Physician-Patient Relationship

Professional Standards and Guidelines Regarding Sexual Misconduct in the Physician-Patient Relationship Preamble Exploitation of a patient is professional misconduct. Sexualized behaviour with a patient is exploitation. Sexualized behaviour with a former patient may be exploitation. This standard reflects ethical responsibilities of physicians set out in the Canadian Medical Association’s Code of Ethics. In particular, the following sections of the Code are reflected: Consider first the well-being of the patient. Practice the profession of medicine in a manner that treats patients with dignity and as a person worthy of respect. Do not exploit patients for [...]

Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship

Professional Standard and Guidelines for Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship Preamble The physician-patient relationship is unique and depends upon trust and confidence between the parties for the provision of care. Physicians are entitled to end the physician-patient relationship under certain circumstances. Each situation is ultimately fact-specific. Physicians are expected to apply good clinical judgment and compassion in each case to determine the most appropriate course of action. The document intends to clarify what is expected of physicians when ending a physician-patient relationship in circumstances other than the physicians’ retirement, relocation, leave of absence or disciplinary action. Physicians are required to abide by all relevant Human Rights legislation. Principles Physicians have [...]