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College Announces Decision Regarding Dr. Jose Ramirez-Morejon

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia hereby gives notice that a Hearing Committee has issued a decision dated August 8, 2022, accepting a Settlement Agreement under subsection 103(1) of the Medical Act.

In the Settlement Agreement, Dr. Ramirez-Morejon admitted to particulars of a pattern of conduct over a period of six months, which amounted to sexual harassment of a colleague in his workplace. In addition to agreeing to make a contribution to the College’s costs of the investigation of the complaint, Dr. Ramirez-Morejon  agreed to a reprimand, a suspension of his Clinical Assistant Licence for a period of two months (which has already been served), and a condition requiring successful completion of a course on Ethics and Boundaries. 

Read the Hearing Committee’s decision.