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College Statement: In response to recent events regarding Dr. M. Moodley

A Hearing Committee of the College will soon consider allegations of professional misconduct and incompetence against Dr. Manivasan Moodley. The allegations were advanced by two women, each of whom alleges sexual wrongdoing against them by Dr. Moodley.

Dr. Moodley is a provisionally licensed physician who has not successfully challenged his Medical Council of Canada examinations. The law requires provisionally licensed physicians to have sponsorship and supervision, without which they cannot practice medicine.

Dr. Moodley’s sponsor gave notice he was withdrawing sponsorship. Since that notice was provided, an alternate sponsor has come forward, acceptable to the College. As such, Dr. Moodley may remain in practice.

There has been significant public and professional response, including demonstrations, media interviews, and social media activity. The tone of much of the response has been angry, variously directed at a misunderstanding of the College’s processes and at the women who have filed complaints.

The College is concerned that the nature of the response will jeopardize the fairness of the proceedings going forward and harm the complainants.

“Outrage towards women who come forward alleging sexual misconduct is exactly why sexual misconduct is under-reported,” says Dr. Gus Grant, Registrar of the College. “Dr. Moodley is owed and will receive due process. At the same time, the complainants are owed privacy, safety and freedom from intimidation. Given the nature of public and social media postings, they understandably feel threatened, and see the support of Dr. Moodley as a response against them.”

There is a role for physicians to speak out, particularly on issues as central to the medical profession as fairness. The College welcomes the balanced, informed and thoughtful participation of physicians in public discourse. When choosing to make public comment on this or other such matters, the College encourages physicians to consider the well-being of all involved.