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CMA launches Physician Wellness Hub

In an effort to drive change in the culture of medicine and promote health and wellness in the medical profession, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched the CMA Physician Wellness Hub (the Hub), an online platform that provides key resources, virtual community as well as confidential support and counselling to physicians, learners and their families.

The Hub aims to improve physician wellness at the individual but also the system level, and promote a collaborative approach to physician health and well-being by:

  • Offering day-to-day strategies physicians can use to build resilience or how to start institutional wellness programs;
  • Creating a safe virtual community for physicians and learners to connect with others interested in wellness; and
  • Providing immediate and confidential support and counselling through the Wellness Support Line.

“Yesterday’s medical culture needs to evolve. Today, physicians and medical learners face unique pressures and we need to ensure that they care for themselves as they care for others,” says Dr. Ann Collins, CMA President. According to the 2017 CMA National Physician Health survey, nearly one-third of doctors, residents and medical students report burnout and depression at some point in their career.

The Hub offers a collection of over 275 physician health and wellness resources, spanning 22 topics. Resources include original CMA content and curated information from other trusted sources on issues such a burnout, depression, resilience, conflict management, organizational wellness and more. 

Visit the CMA website form more information.