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Disciplinary Decisions & Interim Licence Sanctions

College issues consensual reprimand to Dr. Robert J. Cooper of Pictou

Dr. Robert J. Cooper, a family practitioner in Pictou, Nova Scotia, has consented to a reprimand issued by Investigation Committee "A" of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia with respect to a complaint from a patient. The Committee was concerned that during an emergency room visit by the patient, Dr. Cooper failed to conduct an adequate history of the patient's complaint; failed to conduct an adequate physical examination; and failed to arrange an emergency neurosurgical consultation. The Committee also expressed concerns about the content, completeness, and legibility of the portion of the medical record for which Dr. Cooper was responsible. The Committee has acknowledged the work Dr. Cooper has undertaken to improve his practice in the area [...]

Notice of Reprimand – Nova Scotia Psychiatrist

A Nova Scotia psychiatrist has consented to a reprimand issued by Investigation Committee “A” of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. To protect patient confidentiality, the identity of the psychiatrist will not be disclosed.In its letter of reprimand, the Investigation Committee expressed concern that the psychiatrist had failed to establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries by being involved in the psychiatric care of a family member; specifically:1. Providing primary psychiatric care to a family member despite the ready availability of a local psychiatrist who had already cared for the patient. (A contravention of the Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics [2004], Section 11.) 2. Prescribing new psychotropic medications (Dexedrine [...]

College suspends license of Dr. William Hunter Blair of Barrington Passage

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia has announced that pursuant to a Hearing Committee Decision incorporating a Settlement Agreement, Dr. William Hunter Blair, a general practitioner in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia, has been suspended from the practice of medicine for six months commencing Saturday, June 18, 2005. Dr. Blair has admitted to allegations outlined in a Notice of Hearing and admits that he is guilty of professional misconduct. The allegations against Dr. Blair relate to the inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances. Dr. Blair has agreed to a statement of facts regarding the case. This statement is contained in a Hearing Committee Decision / Settlement Agreement that is available