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College issues consensual reprimand to Dr. Peter Littlejohn of New Waterford

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia hereby gives notice that on Thursday, March 30, 2006 pursuant to Section 53(12) of the Medical Act, Dr. Peter Littlejohn of New Waterford, Nova Scotia has consented to a reprimand issued by the Investigation Committee of the College.

Investigation Committee “A” determined that the following actions with respect to one or more of Dr. Littlejohn’s patients constituted professional misconduct and was deserving of a reprimand:

1. Inadequate assessment of substance abuse;

2. Insufficient referrals to pain management consultants;

3. Failure to follow the recommendations of consultants;

4. Inappropriate prescribing of opioids prior to trials of non-opioid therapies;

5. Inappropriate formulation of opioids for patients with substance abuse problems;

6. Inappropriate initial and/or final dosages of opioids;

7. Inappropriate opioid dose increases;

8. Failure to recognize or take appropriate action in cases of suspected diversion of opioids; and

9. Failure to recognize or take appropriate action in cases of significant opioid toxicity.

Investigation Committee “A” also ordered that Dr. Littlejohn relinquish his prescribing privileges for all narcotics and controlled substances for a period of five years, following which the Committee shall consider removal of this restriction if Dr. Littlejohn, within the year prior to his application to lift the restriction, has successfully completed an educational program or programs approved by the Committee respecting prescription practices and addiction medicine, including a period of preceptorship in prescription practices.

The Committee’s finding of professional misconduct, and the restrictions imposed by the Committee will be entered on Dr. Littlejohn’s formal discipline record.