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Dr. William Stanish

Dr. William Stanish, FRCS(C), FACS, AOA is professor of surgery at Dalhousie University and the founder and director of the Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine Clinic of Nova Scotia established in 1976.

Dr. Stanish received his Medical Doctorate (MD) from Dalhousie University in 1970. During his tenure at Dalhousie University, Dr. Stanish was the captain of the varsity football and hockey teams and was twice awarded the Climo Award as Male Athlete of the Year. Upon graduation, he was the recipient of the prestigious Malcolm Honour Award, acknowledging his exceptional contribution to his university and his community.

Dr. Stanish began his residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, within the Oxford University group of hospitals in Aylesbury, England. His primary focus was on rheumatology, neurology and spinal cord Injuries. This was followed by training in orthopaedic surgery under the leadership of Professor Reginald Yabsley at Dalhousie University. Upon completion of his formal residency, Dr. Stanish did a combined fellowship training in disorders of the spine and sports medicine with Professor John Hall and Dr. Lyle Micheli at Harvard University. Dr. Stanish became a faculty member of Dalhousie University in 1976 and was awarded the prestigious COA French Traveling Fellowship in 1978.

He has held presidencies in the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine, the Orthopaedic Society of Nova Scotia and the famed Herodicus Sports Medicine Society.  In addition, he has held executive positions on a number of provincial, national and international societies.

Dr. Stanish has been involved in the Olympic movement since the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal. He was chief medical officer (CMO) for the Canadian Olympic Team in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.

Dr. Stanish is a past deputy editor of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, and has held positions on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sports Medicine and Techniques in Knee Surgery, amongst many others.

Currently, Dr. Stanish is a member of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association, Arthroscopy Association of North America, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Orthopaedic Society for Sport Medicine, Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine, American Orthopaedic Association and the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators.

As a clinical scientist, Dr. Stanish has fostered research in the areas of physiology and biomechanics of tendon, ligament and knee cartilage. He has been the recipient of funding from many national and international agencies.  As of 2014, his peer-reviewed publications totaled 245 and he has authored multiple book chapters and articles. He also co-authored the highly regarded textbooks “Oxford Textbook of Sports Medicine” and “Tendinitis: Its Etiology and Treatment”, both published by Oxford University Press and both in their second edition.

Dr. Stanish has lectured worldwide and has been the recipient of many medals, honours and awards. He was most recently inducted in the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame, the Dalhousie University Sport Hall of Fame and the University of Prince Edward Island Sport Hall of Fame.  He holds an honourary Doctor of Laws from St. Francis Xavier University and has been awarded the distinction of Professor Emeritus by Dalhousie University. Dr. Stanish has recently been inducted into the Order of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Stanish has been a Council member since 2012 and is currently the College’s Past-President. He currently sits on the Executive, Finance and Audit, and Nominating committees.